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Our services to support your business: your only partner for facility management.

The range of our services is wide, but at the base there is one great goal: to let our customers focus on their business, without any worries about the technical and regulatory part.

The CTS method

Planning and
targeted design

A team of highly qualified professionals will study the case after a visit to the site and to the Company and/or telephone interviews. There are no pre-packaged solutions. In CTS we never compartmentalize and involve more and more technicians.

Intervention planning and service delivery
A reference prime contractor will take charge of your project and verify the implementation of all the agreed activities, carrying out ordinary and extraordinary interventions to achieve the goal.

Our Customer may use our network of specialized technicians present in the territory of intervention which allows us to be fast, to give our technical advice, a 24/7 personalized assistance and a dedicated after-sales service.


Our customer service is active 24/7, we offer customized scheduled maintenance plans and we provide web monitoring platforms for numerous KPIs.

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Facilities management

Our vast expertise allows us to manage all kinds of technical systems.


We guarantee the reliability of the fire safety devices that we installed or already existing. In detail we manage:

• REI fire doors
• Fire extinguishers
• Fixed extinguishing systems
• Fire pumps
• Fire detection systems

Special facilities

We offer a proper installation, management and maintenance of these increasingly complex systems:

• Anti-intrusion
• Smoke detection
• Video surveillance and CCTV
• Data networks
• Sound diffusion
• Anti-shoplifting

Hydraulic system

We offer installation, video inspections and preventive maintenance of:

• Sanitary installations
• Gas systems
• Biological tanks and cisterns
• Solar thermal systems


Aiming at energy saving, we install and manage:

• MV/LV cabins
• Photovoltaic systems
• Electrical panels
• Lighting systems
• Illuminated signs
• Emergency lighting

Air conditioning

We are available for the design, installation and maintenance of:

• Air conditioning systems
• Thermal power stations
• HVAC installations
• District heating plants


We carry out interventions for complete or partial refurbishment, taking care also of the bureaucratic aspect:

• Plasterboard
• Paintings
• Upholstery
• Furniture
• Floors and walls
• Windows and shutters
• Carpentry


We develop solutions for remote monitoring and control of installations:

• Energy monitoring
• Remote control of the plants
• Renewable power plants

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Planning from A to Z

You can keep focusing on your work, we’ll do the rest. We develop integrated projects, from A to Z.


Fire protection, air conditioning and electrical installations, Plumbing and Special systems. We carry out lighting calculations, correspondence checks and technical reports.


We manage each project and its budget by providing a dedicated site manager who takes care of: contract, permit and licence management, planning and monitoring of activities, metric calculations, purchasing and safety management.


Customer Service, technical advice, customised scheduled maintenance plans, consultancy and implementation of any post-sales requests, CPI renewals .

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We offer our customers our passion and drive for improvement and continuous updating which have always guided us.

Our courses cover:

• Technical regulations
• Heat production and distribution
• Cold air production and distribution
• Fire protection systems
• Electrical installations

We also provide consultancy for:

• Thermo-technical and lighting calculations
• Technical reports
• Compliance checks
• Testing

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Energy services

CTS accepts the challenge of sustainability to promote a greener economy and improve its customers’ brand reputation.

Our Building Management solution includes interventions aimed at an integrated management and optimisation of electrical, (lighting and motive power) and air conditioning systems

Costumer' benefits

Reduction of energy costs thanks to remote monitoring of electrical and thermal consumption.

Reduction of maintenance costs and intervention timing thanks to the remote technical assistance of HVAC with verification of the outcome thanks to periodic reports.

Increase in sales performance: a pleasant lighting and comfort environment improves the customer experience.

Corporate sustainability and brand reputation: rachievement of ISO 50001, strengthening of the business given by the greater attractiveness for investors.

The success key

CTS’s technological solutions and decades of experience ensure customer satisfaction

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