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Customised solutions for a greener economy.

Our Building Management solution implements an integrated Management System and optimise lighting and air conditioning equipment.

Our reporting and continuous monitoring allow us to constantly optimise costs, efficiency and our end customer’s experience.

| Energy

CTS energy management.

CTS technicians work with the customer to define strategic points to be monitored and propose a tailor-made solution. Thanks to the introduction of specially designed controllers, it is possible to measure the energy consumed and manage the systems and temperatures in the store efficiently and without waste.

Continuous monitoring makes it possible to understand the dynamics of the systems and improve their performance day by day, anticipating possible anomalies and costly breakdowns.

01. Monitoring

Daily monitoring of the main physical quantities at the point of sale.

CTS technicians, with the cooperation of the customer, define the strategic points to be monitored in order to have a clear picture of the 'significant' consumption of their systems. CTS will then propose a monitoring solution tailored to the customer's need.

02. Analysis

Analysing historical data to understand the dynamics of the point of sale.

By introducing specially designed controllers, it is possible to manage all the point of sale's installations, measuring the energy consumed and establishing operating schedules for lights and air conditioning. In addition, the air conditioning management within the shop is fully managed remotely by setting appropriate setpoints for optimal comfort without waste.

03. Management

Manage lighting, air conditioning, scheduler and consumption warnings to optimise and prevent anomalies.

Continuous monitoring, both of operators and automated with pre-set warnings, allows the understanding of the installations dynamics in order to improve their performance day after day. It is also possible to foresee anomalies in the air conditioning systems before a failure occurs and avoid costly problems anticipating proper corrective measures.

Four key challenges for buildings, today.

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of global CO2 emissions come from buildings
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untapped efficiency potencial in buildings
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Covid-19 and the energy crisis have redefined environmental design requirements
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of our time is spent inside a building
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